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WallPod EV HomeSmart Socketed (EV Energy) Data Sheet - 01


The mode 3 smart charging wall unit has been designed to provide the user with an interactive EV charging solution for the home. The EV driver can control the charging activity of the WallPod using their mobile phone or any other web enable device.
WallPod: EV HomeSmart can also monitor and record all charging activity and history as well as provide information relating to total electric miles and CO2 savings.
The WallPod unit is available in either Type1 or Type2 charging socket at 3.6kW(16amp) or 7.2kW(32amp) charging speeds and comes with the option of GPRS office connectivity.

Also available with the government OLEV grant – The government backed OLEV grant (also known as the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme or ‘EVHS’) offers drivers of electric vehicles up to £500 off the total cost to install a home charger.

Eligibility checklist for OLEV
To qualify, you must have the following:

Off-street parking
Both your EV charge point, and installer must be OLEV approved
You have usage of the vehicle for a minimum of 6 months
Your plug-in EV was purchased after 1st October 2016
From July 2019 – Charge Points must be Smart and Connected Units
Full details can be seen here

System Feature:
Start / stop charging
Variable Charging Speeds (Amps)
Unit Charging Status
Charging Analytics
-Total kWh used & total cost of charging
-Total electric miles travelled & money saved
-Charging events & activity

EVHS2010 3.6kW (16amp) Type 2 socket (GPRS Connectivity)
EVHS2020 7.2kW (32amp) Type 2 socket (GPRS Connectivity)
EVHS1080 3.6kW (16amp) Type 1 tethered cable (GPRS Connectivity)
EVHS1140 7.2kW (32amp) Type 1 tethered cable (GPRS Connectivity)
EVHS2080 3.6kW (16amp) Type 2 tethered cable (GPRS Connectivity)
EVHS2140 7.2kW (32amp) Type 2 tethered cable (GPRS Connectivity)

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