Heatmat MRH Mirror Demisters 240V


Mirror demister pads for steam-free bathroom mirrors.


Brand: Heat Mat
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Self-adhesive backing secures the mirror heater in place. For larger mirrors 150W/m mats and loose 3mm cable can be used for demisting if they are encased in a tile adhesive and used with a thermostat.

Technical Data

Heating Element: Carbon with copper connections
Supply Voltage: 240V
Power Output: 200W/m2
Alternative voltages: 12V & 24V units are available
Housing: IP44
Insulation: Double insulated
Dimensions: Varies between products
Coldtail lead: 1m 0.75mm2 double insulated cable

Mirror demisters can be wired through the lighting circuit, or to a separate switch if preferred. The circuit must be protected by a 5 Amp fuse or circuit breaker, and the wiring circuit must contain an all pole disconnection. Mirror heaters are not suitable for use with power supplies controlled via a dimmer switch.


Heat Mat Mirror demisters are BEAB Approved and supplied with a 10 year warranty. We supply a range of standard sizes or can specify a bespoke solution depending on your requirements.

Product codes and sizes for standard 230V units

Product Code Size Wattage demistaTM Code

MRH-274-0150 274 x 150mm 7W 7005
MRH-274-0265 274 x 265mm 15W 7010
MRH-274-0584 250 x 550mm 25W 7020
MRH-300-0800 300 x 800mm 48W 7033
MRH-400-0450 400 x 450mm 36W 7025
MRH-524-0520 524 x 520mm 50W 7030
MRH-524-0785 524 x 785mm 80W 7035
MRH-524-1040 524 x 1040mm 100W 7040
MRH-524-1505 524 x 1505mm 150W 7050
MRH-700-0780 700 x 780mm 104W 7070/800
MRH-700-0908 700 x 908mm 121W 7070/900
MRH-700-1036 700 x 1036mm 138W 7070/1000
MRH-700-1100 700 x 1100mm 147W 7070/1100
MRH-700-1228 700 x 1228mm 164W 7070/1200
MRH-700-1292 700 x 1292mm 173W 7070/1300
MRH-700-1420 700 x 1400mm 190W 7070/1400
MRH-700-1484 700 x 1500mm 199W 7070/1500
MRH-700-1612 700 x 1600mm 216W 7070/1600
MRH-700-1676 700 x 1676mm 225W 7070/1700
MRH-700-1804 700 x 1804mm 242W 7070/1800
MRH-700-1932 700 x 1932mm 260W 7070/1900
MRH-700-1996 700 x 1996mm 268W 7070/2000
MRH-700-2124 700 x 2124mm 286W 7070/2100
MRH-700-2252 700 x 2252mm 294W 7070/2200
MRH-700-2316 700 x 2316mm 312W 7070/2300
MRH-700-2380 700 x 2380mm 329W 7070/2400
MRH-700-2508 700 x 2508mm 337W 7070/2500

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