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Warmup Products

Warmup Plc. is the UK’s best selling manufacturer of electric underfloor heating products, and one of the fastest growing in the world.

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, architect or developer looking for the best under floor heating solution for your next project, Warmup is committed to offer you: The best quality products The best Pre and Post-sale services Best warranties and guarantees Commitment to Research & Development.

Switch Electrical Wholesale Limited is proud to be an Approved e-Commerce Partner of all Warmup products.

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Concealed Wiring Adaptor

Warmup Heated Towel Rails (HTR) concealed wiring adaptor
From £10.00

DCM-PRO System

Warmup DCM-PRO The fastest to install heated decoupling system

HTR680X450 L/R

Warmup Heated Towel Rails (HTR) 680X450

HTR800X600 L/R

Warmup Heated Towel Rails (HTR) 800X600

HTR800X600C L/R

Warmup Heated Towel Rails (HTR) 800X600 curved bars
From £40.50

Underfloor Heating Thermostats

Underfloor Heating Thermostats
From £54.74

Warmup 150W/m2 Sticky Mat System

Warmup 150W/m2 Sticky Mat System
From £36.00

Warmup 200W/m2 Sticky Mat System

Warmup 200W/m2 Sticky Mat System

Warmup Fixing Tape

Warmup Fixing Tape 50m

Warmup Glassfibre Tape

Warmup Glassfibre Tape 25m
From £11.94

Warmup Insulation Board & Underlay

Warmup Insulation Board & Underlay

Warmup Metal Fixing Band

Metal Fixing Band 25m

Warmup WLFH 140W/1120

Warmup Underlaminate Foil Heaters (WLFH) wlfh 140w/1120 Area 8m2 Length 16m Width 0.5mm Total Watts 1120 Amps 4.87

Warmup WLFH 140W/140

Warmup Underlaminate Foil Heaters (WLFH) wlfh 140w/140 Area 1m2 Length 2m Width 0.5mm Total Watts 140 Amps 0.61

WDO Base Board

Warmup Dual Overlay System (WDO) - 7mm staggered bottom and top board, free floating subfloor. Covers 2.88m2. Base board 3mm; top board 4mm. 4 x base boards and 4 top boards

WIS1000 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS1000 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/10m2 - 150w/6.7m2 - 210w/5m2 Heater Length 50m 1000watts 4.3amps

WIS1200 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS1200 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/12m2 - 150w/8m2 - 210w/6m2 Heater Length 60m 1200watts 5.2amps

WIS1460 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS1460 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/14.6m2 - 150w/9.7m2 - 210w/7.3m2 Heater Length 73m 1460watts 6.3amps

WIS1550 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS1550 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/15.5m2 - 150w/10.3m2 - 210w/7.8m2 Heater Length 77.5m 1550watts 6.7amps

WIS1770 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS1770 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/17.7m2 - 150w/11.8m2 - 210w/8.9m2 Heater Length 88.5m 1770watts 7.7amps

WIS180 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS180 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/1.8m2 - 150w/1.2m2 - 210w/0.9m2 Heater Length 9m 180watts 0.8amps

WIS2070 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS2070 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/20.7m2 - 150w/13.8m2 - 210w/10.4m2 Heater Length 103.5m 2070watts 9amps

WIS2600 Inscreed Cable System

Warmup WIS2600 Inscreed Cable System (WIS) Coverage:- 100w/26m2 - 150w/17.3m2 - 210w/13m2 Heater Length 130m 2600watts 11.3amps
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