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Elements: 4, 500W 230V, Dimensions: 435 x 580 x 94
Manufacturer: Haverland Heating

One of the most efficient products on the market, the Haverland Designer RCA electric heater will save you even more money with reduced maintenance costs compared to conventional gas heating systems.

These wall mounted RCA electric radiators are great for multi-user applications such as care homes, apartments and sheltered housing, bringing high precision, energy saving and top performance, making them a popular choice!

Ten year radiator block seal guarantee Three year electronic guarantee Choose from 500W, 750W, 1000W, 1250W and 1500W

Aluminium block Two simple to use controls A choice of three temperature settings: comfort, economy and anti-freeze Safety thermal limiter Certifications: CE, SGS Products, Class 1, IP 24.

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