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TRA Mirror Demister Transformers


12V SELV Mirror Demister Transformers

Brand: Heat Mat


These transformers work with 12V SELV models.

Automatically ensures mirrors are clear of steam and can be used at all times, best to use a thermostat or time switch for long periods of use to avoid overheating.
Uses up to 50% less power consumption than the leading alternative systems.
Regularly used in hotels, new build and refurbishment projects as it works perfectly with particular circuits.
Ideal for bathrooms, en-suites, wet rooms and leisure facilities as it is resistant to moisture, vibrations and ageing.
9 different standard sizes and 18 larger options to ensure a perfect fit for you.
9 low voltage SELV options available, supplied with transformers
No thermostat required in standard installations (only recommended in certain installations).
Mains Voltage operation, removes the need for transformers (good for large scale projects).
Independently BEAB approved and made in the UK making it easy to get our hands on these fantastic products.
Comes with a life time warranty to make sure you get the best service possible!.

Product Code Output (W) Description

TRA-IRN-HIDE 5-40W 12V SELV Mirror Heater Transformer 5-40W
TRA-MEG-TRON 35-75W 12V SELV Mirror Heater Transformer 35-75W
TRA-BMB-LBEE 35-105W 12V SELV Mirror Heater Transformer 35-105W
TRA-STA-SCRM 50-150W 12V SELV Mirror Heater Transformer 50-150W

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