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Heissen Chrome


Brand: Heissen


Heissen Chrome

Where more flexible is required, the Chrome range is ideal. Designed to be fully portable and multi functional, heaters in this range can be moved (When cold) to new locations and full plug and play. The table heater can replace outdoor tables whilst providing effective heating that is little affected by drafts. To ensure maximum safety, each standalone heater has a built in tip over safety switch. The column heaters (CR2000 & CV2000) can be remote control operated. Built using an anodized aluminum alloy frames to minimize potential future rusting when used outdoors.

Product Code Size (mm) Wattage
CR2000 400 x 400 x 140 2000W
TH1400 40 x 50 x 85 1400W
CV2000 400 x 400 x 140 2000W

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